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Dec 19
Caliper Explains Organizational Culture vs. Organizational Climate

​Creating a sustainable work environment where employees feel engaged, loyal and satisfied should be the goal at every organization. Organizational culture is your identity as a company. It's your values and the norms that have arisen organically over time.

Common values include:

  • Competitiveness—embracing the desire to be more successful.
  • Quality—assessing accuracy and logically thinking over situations and problems.
  • Innovation—taking risks and introducing new ideas.
  • Outcome Orientation—focusing on overall results and achievements.
  • Stability—having a sense of security.

Learn how Caliper can help you define your organizational culture.

Big “I" members receive discounts on Caliper's profiles, assessment and reports. To learn more about how to increase employee engagement and retention, visit Caliper's partnership page with the Big “I" or email Brett Sutch for more information. 


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