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Feb 20
Big ‘I’ Markets Partner Goldleaf Loves Bonds

Big “I" Markets partner Goldleaf specializes in bonds—and loves them.

Goldleaf has found that most agents do not love surety bonds. In fact, figuring out where to turn when a client needs a bond can be anything but a pleasant experience for agents. That is where Goldleaf Surety can help. 

Goldleaf can offer your agency bonding expertise, allowing you to better serve existing clients and even add a significant amount of new customers.

Surety bonds are time-consuming and costly, and producers and customer service representatives face a steep learning curve if they want to handle the product. They are unfamiliar with the hundreds of different classes of bonds, they don't know what forms to use, what information to request from the insured or what markets are the most likely to write a particular class of bonds. 

Goldleaf's team is made up of experienced professionals with backgrounds in areas such as accounting, law and business finance. When size, specialty or other constraints restrict other surety bond companies, Goldleaf brings a wealth of expertise together under one roof. In addition, Goldleaf counsels clients to develop their surety program so that it grows as their business grows.

If you do not love bonds, remember that Goldleaf Surety would love to be your surety partner. 

Access Goldleaf Surety by logging in to Big "I" Markets or emailing Big “I" Markets staff


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