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May 14
Big ‘I’ Presents InsurPac Awards

The books have been closed on the 2019 InsurPac fundraising campaign. In 2019, InsurPac established a new record with $1,196,822.89 in receipts, which is a $65,000 increase over last year's record total. South Carolina and Massachusetts became the first two states to ever top $100,000.

Yesterday, the Big “I" presented a slew of awards at the 2020 Virtual Big “I" Legislative Conference, including the presentation of the annual InsurPac National Championship and Eagle awards.

This year's winners include:

InsurPac National Championship Award (South Carolina): The award goes to the state whose agents contribute the most money for InsurPac in a calendar year. Collectively, state agents contributed more than $115,647, which is an all-time record!

Young Agent InsurPac National Championship Award (South Carolina): The award honors the state whose young agents donate the most money to InsurPac. Young agents from South Carolina contributed $25,325. Overall, 736 young agents invested a record total of $175,876 to InsurPac.

InsurPac Eagle Awards (awarded to 14 states): The awards recognize states that surpass a fundraising average of $100 per member agency. The states and average per member agency amount are as follows:

  • South Carolina: $391
  • Nevada: $188
  • North Dakota: $154
  • South Dakota: $145
  • Tennessee: $138
  • New Hampshire: $131
  • Maryland: $123
  • Nebraska: $119
  • Louisiana: $112
  • Georgia: $112
  • Montana: $111
  • Arkansas: $105
  • Maine: $105
  • Idaho: $101

President's Cup Award (Massachusetts): Past and current presidents contributed $23,560 to InsurPac, more than any state.

InsurPac Catalyst Award (Maine): This award recognizes the state that shows the most progress in areas of InsurPac innovation and participation. This year's winner significantly increased InsurPac participation and became an Eagle state for the first time ever.


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