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Jul 31
Peek Inside the Internet's New Domain for Insurance

The Internet we’ve all known for years is undergoing the most radical change since its development in the late 1960s. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is responsible for oversight of the Internet’s naming system, is now enabling the creation of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) that will create competition for the likes of .com, .org and other commercially available domain extensions.


One of the new top-level domains, .insurance, presents exciting opportunities for Big “I” Members.


Over the last two years, applicants for the new top-level domain names have worked toward gaining approval to use the name and to integrate the new names into the Internet. Some applicants are purely entrepreneurial, looking to make as much money as possible on new names without adding any apparent value to users. Other applicants are community-based and have been working sincerely with the communities associated with the new names to develop solutions that protect both companies and consumers in the community.


In the insurance world, we have seen both types of applicants. The Big “I” has been working with fTLD Registry Services, LLC, which has applied for the .insurance domain, and is a member of fTLD’s community Advisory Council. fTLD has worked with the Big “I” and others in the industry to develop a new domain with tighter security that limits participants to legitimate insurance companies, agencies, brokerages and intermediaries, offers additional restrictions intended to protect legitimate organizations’ brands and delivers protections not offered by other insurance-related domains.


To assist in the successful rollout of .insurance, please complete this short survey.


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