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Oct 29
Maximizing Dental Coverage

Dental procedures tend to be costly and add up quickly. How can you get the most out of your insurance coverage?

The answer is simple—by utilizing in-network providers. In doing so, you are getting double duty out of your coverage. It almost seems too good to be true, but in-network providers have agreed to accept the carriers' negotiated reimbursement levels for services, while out-of-network dentists charge their usual and customary rates. Additionally, coverage for in-network providers is higher than for out-of-network providers. Let's take a look at an example.

Samantha goes to the dentist for a loose crown that has come off. After examination and X-rays, the dentist informs the patient that she needs treatment and will require a new crown.

Her dentist is in-network and her plan covers 60% of major services for in-network dentists.

Cost of crown with in-network dentist:

 Standard Fee$1,600
 Negotiated In-Network Fee$930
 Insurance pays 60%$558
 Out-of-pocket cost to patient$372

If Samantha sees an out-of-network dentist, her plan covers 50% of major services with no negotiated in-network rate.

Cost of crown with out-of-network dentist:

 Standard Fee$1,600
 Usual & Customary Amount$1,546
 Insurance pays 50%$773
 Out-of-pocket cost to patient$827

By using an in-network dentist, Samantha saves $455. That's over a 50% savings on her out-of-pocket costs.

The Big “I" has made it simple and easy to get a quote and obtain dental coverage for your employees. Coverages are provided through The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and include group life, group short- and long-term disability, group dental and group vision. The program offers various coverage options to meet the diverse needs of our members and provides guaranteed issues with certain requirements being met.

The Big “I" Retirement and Employee Benefits programs also offer a great 401(k) plan option—the BIG I MEP 401k Plan— as well as IRAs and IRA plans. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of our members with maximum flexibility at a competitive cost.

Reach out today! Visit the Big "I" Employee Benefits page or contact Christine Muñoz.


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