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Dec 17
Big ‘I’ Reviews the Revised CNA Agreement

The Big “I" has reviewed the revised CNA Producer Agreement, which becomes effective on Jan. 1, 2021. As with past Big “I" reviews, this review focuses on insurance-related provisions and issues and is intended to assist members with understanding the terms of the agreement. 

The Big “I" commends CNA for making many of the improvements that were suggested in the Big “I" review of the prior version of the agreement. We also thank CNA for reaching out to the Big “I" Office of General Counsel to go through the agreement and discuss possible improvements for future updates.

The Big “I" is pleased to make this and other company contract reviews available as a free benefit to all Big “I" members. To access a copy, log in to the Big “I" website and select Legal Advocacy & Governance in the Services drop-down menu, and then click on Contract Reviews. The review is titled: “CNA Producer Agreement (effective Jan. 1, 2021) – Reviewed December 2020."

Please contact Scott Kneeland or Eric Lipton with any questions.


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