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Sep 04
Highly Protected Risks Still Need Coverage

Big "I" Markets and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company have partnered to provide you access to Fireman's Fund's monoline and complex property product. If you have large, property-driven commercial clients with a proven interest in risk management, Fireman's Fund expertise and highly protected risks (HPR) capabilities deliver benefits beyond traditional HPR coverage.

The Fireman’s Fund HPR program is for large monoline property schedules with $100 million TIV and superior properties manufacturing TIV schedules of $50 million TIV or more. Target classes include:

  • Real estate management/trusts (lessor's risk, Class A office buildings, shopping centers; no development, low turnover on scheduled properties)
  • Regional hospitals
  • Private schools, colleges and universities
  • Manufacturing, including some food processing
  • Luxury condos (only non-coastal, newer, fully sprinklered, MNC)
  • Upscale mixed-use properties (combines condos, retail and restaurants on one campus)
  • Retail
  • Distribution/wholesale
  • Warehouse (no warehouse legal available; proper sprinkler protection for the exposure/racks required)

Coverage features an in-house capacity of $560 million under a single roof and can include:

  • Schedules up to $3 billion
  • Low minimum premium of $25,000
  • True HPR engineering services to consult with insureds on building construction for up-fits, new construction and maximizing credits
  • Boiler and machinery coverage reinsured through Hartford Steam Boiler
  • Numerous additional coverages available for hospitals (outlined in proposal)
  • Broadest green endorsement in the industry, which allows for existing LEED Certified or standard buildings to be re-built Green in the event of a loss

The Fireman's Fund preferred property form is available in all 50 states. The company can contemplate international locations with a 90-day lead time. Check out Big “I” Markets to learn more.


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