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Feb 25
Big 'I' Best Practices: Agency Comparison Tool

The Best Practices program was developed as a joint initiative between the Big “I" and Reagan Consulting in 1993. Since then, the research has been a source of accurate and credible information on what the leading independent insurance agencies are doing that makes them successful.

The most recent release, the 2020 Best Practices Study Update, allows readers to tap into the accumulated wisdom of the top 264 agencies in the country, with data divided into six revenue brackets to compare results and establish realistic benchmarks.

The Best Practices program offers real opportunity and practical tools to create change and generate even greater success:

  • Not sure where how you take the first step? Visit Getting Started.
  • Ready to plug in your agency numbers and compare results to Best Practices Agencies? Download the Agency Comparison Workbook.
  • Want to gain a greater understanding of how Best Practices can benefit an agency? Browse the webinar library where you will find concise explanations.

Additional information on the Best Practices program is available on the Big “I" website.

Questions can be sent to Best Practices staff.


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