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Mar 11
Visit Big ‘I’ Hires for COVID-19 HR Advice

Do you know that there are ongoing changes to federal COVID-19 legislation? Do you know about the pending federal legislation for classifying independent contractors? In addition to many federal changes expected under the Biden administration, there have also been many state provisions passed in the last few months.  

Affinity HR Group Inc, the endorsed HR partner of Big “I" Hires, tracks these changes for you and offer guidance for actions to take, so that you have the information and resources you need to make the right moves to manage your business. 

The Affinity HR Support Plan will:

  • Track federal, state and local legislative changes that affect your agency.
  • Offer one hour of free HR consulting and support that can be used in 10-minute increments!
  • Provide deep discounts on our recruiting, HR audits and handbooks, and much more.
  • Save you time, money and headaches. 

Let our experts take the worry out of running your business. Explore other resources Affinity HR offers Big "I" members online.


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