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Mar 18
Customer Experience Is King

We hear more and more how customers anticipate an exceptional interaction with changing expectations during the digital revolution. How businesses embrace the changing technology landscape to give clients what they want, need and expect will determine how successful they are in the future.

The key question though is: How can agents provide outstanding service that will help them attract and retain clients?

The Big "I" Agents Council for Technology customer experience (CX) website is a powerhouse of resources that provide agents with guidance and insight. Learn about the six stages of the CX lifecycle and discover starting points to implement best practices or technology efficiencies.

You now have a clear starting point for your journey: the CX self-assessment.

This easy online self-assessment asks a series of questions about technology touchpoints across a consumer's insurance journey. The questions will determine your agency's strengths as well as where attention should be focused to provide an excellent customer experience. Helpful links to areas of ACT's CX website appear as you complete the assessment.

When the assessment is completed, you'll receive a summary of your results as well as the links to the ACT CX Journey website resources, where best-of-class tools can help you get started. 


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