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Apr 15
Big ‘I’ Presents InsurPac Awards

The books have been closed on the 2020 InsurPac fundraising campaign. In 2020, InsurPac raised $1,184,326.

Today, the Big “I" presented a slew of awards at the 2021 Big “I" Virtual Legislative Conference, including the presentation of the annual InsurPac National Championship and Eagle awards.

This year's winners include:

InsurPac National Championship Award (South Carolina): The award goes to the state whose agents contribute the most money for InsurPac in a calendar year. Collectively, South Carolina agents contributed $86,282.

Young Agent InsurPac National Championship Award (South Carolina): The award honors the state whose young agents donate the most money to InsurPac. Young agents from South Carolina contributed $21,720. Overall, young agents invested a record total of $169,522 to InsurPac.

InsurPac Eagle Awards (awarded to 15 states): The awards recognize states that surpass a fundraising average of $100 per member agency. The states and average per member agency amount are as follows:

  • Nevada: $315
  • South Carolina: $288
  • South Dakota: $132
  • Tennessee: $132
  • Louisiana: $127
  • North Dakota: $126
  • Arkansas: $120
  • Maryland: $119
  • Georgia: $117
  • New Hampshire: $108
  • Idaho: $106
  • Montana: $105
  • Nebraska: $105
  • Maine: $101
  • Hawaii: $101

President's Cup Award (South Carolina): Past and current presidents contributed $22,808 to InsurPac, more than any state.

InsurPac Catalyst Award (Illinois): This award recognizes the state that shows the most progress in areas of InsurPac innovation and participation. This year's winner had dozens of first-time donors in 2020, while setting a new state record by increasing donations by over $6,000 and finishing with $61,673 in contributions.


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