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May 13
Access Fiduciary Bonds via Big ‘I’ Markets

A fiduciary is often appointed by a court order to administer the estate or property of another person who is unable to manage their own affairs. Many times, these appointed fiduciaries are required by law to provide a bond guarantying that they will faithfully perform their fiduciary duties in accordance with the state's laws and statutes. This generally includes paying bills and distributing remaining assets in accordance with the state laws and the will of the deceased.

There are three commons fiduciary bonds that Goldleaf Surety often sees: administrator or executor bond, guardianship bond, and trustee bond.

  • Administrator or executor bond. This bond is posted on behalf of the administrator or executor of an estate assuring that they perform their duties according to the will and the legal requirements of the jurisdiction. The appointment of the administrator or executor is usually short term in nature. The appointment is made for the purpose of gathering the estate assets, paying the deceased's bills, and distributing the remaining assets to the heirs.
  • Guardianship bond. This is required to protect a minor or incapacitated person over which someone has been appointed guardianship. Since the guardian typically has control over the finances and well-being of another person, these bonds are in place so that the guardian acts in the best interest of the individual and in accordance with the court orders.
  • Trustee Bond. This is required to protect the interests of the trust's beneficiaries: the grantor (if living) and the beneficiaries who will receive them after the grantor dies. Trustee bonds provide security that the person performs their duties in a legal and ethical manner without fraud, dishonesty or deception and in accordance with the court orders.

You can access Goldleaf Surety by logging in to Big “I" Markets or emailing Big “I" Markets staff to be contacted by an underwriter.


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