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Jul 08
Dive into InsurTech Future, Agency Data and More

Don't miss learning about the future of technology in business, the role of agency data to direct decisions, how to combat cybercrime, and more at Agency Nation's Elevate Trilogy Part Two: Data.

Register for the Un-conference's half-day dive into data on July 21. In addition to the other sessions and workshops, choose from one of the sessions available at 3 p.m. ET—but don't worry, recordings will be available:

Riding the Wave of Technology in 2021. This session will help attendees understand the focus on data and technology, the big role it is playing today, and how it will unfold in the future. What does artificial intelligence really mean? What is the future of work? What about the talent crisis?  Learn how data can provide insights, decisions, actions and outcomes that your agency needs with Ursula Merten, director of insurance strategy and transformation at omni:us; Liri Halperin Segal, founder and CEO at LeO; and Steven Mohr, vice president of sales and marketing at Lightspeed Voice.

Advanced Data Workshop: Using Agency Data to Direct Better Business Decisions. The decision to invest in technology for an agency can be a difficult process if you don't start with a goal in mind. Raghav Tanna, CEO of Tarmika; Ron Shroyer, vice president of sales-North America at Aureus Analytics; Ido Deutsch, head of growth at Agentero; and Ron Glozman, CEO of Chisel AI, will discuss how having stellar technology partners and access to data can help agencies better understand their business.

Cybercrime: What Every Insurance Broker/Agent Needs to Know About Keeping Their Family and Clients Safe. Retired supervisory special agent Scott Augenbaum spent thirty years with the FBI, with a majority of his time handling cybercrime investigations. During his career he had the opportunity to interview thousands of cybercrime victims and discovered a majority of the crimes could have been prevented if the end users were only aware of a few key pieces of information. Augenbaum will teach you how to dramatically reduce your chances of becoming the next cybercrime victim without spending any additional money or obtaining an advanced degree in computer science.


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