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Sep 16
TEKRiSQ Joins Agents Council for Technology

TEKRiSQ is the newest company partner of the Big “I" Agents Council for Technology (ACT). TEKRiSQ is a cybersecurity company that serves small and midsize businesses and helps independent insurance agents quickly diagnose risk, streamline account marketing and deliver any required risk mitigation for their clients.

“We are eager for TEKRiSQ to join ACT as a supporting partner," says Ron Berg, ACT executive director. “Cybersecurity is top of mind for insurance consumers with the recent concerning reports around attacks. We're looking forward to TEKRiSQ joining our community with their focus on equipping independent agencies with the support and tools to provide clients with seasoned cyber risk management."

TEKRiSQ helps small and midsize businesses and their trusted advisors—including insurance agents—make critical improvements to minimize technology risks. As agents try to guide clients in navigating the threatening cyber landscape in a hardening market, TEKRiSQ partners with agencies to provide more efficient account marketing processes for their clients. The company also guides agencies with managing a reasonable quote-to-bind ratio and helping clients implement cybersecurity best practices.  

“In today's day and age, it's crucial independent insurance agencies can provide their cyber liability clients with thorough risk discovery, highlighting what they can do well and where they can make improvements," says Bill Haber, co-founder of TEKRiSQ. “We're committed to working with these trusted advisors to help their clients to find proper coverage that addresses specific risk and navigate technology risk through efficiency and diligence for powerful long-term results. We're excited to share a dedication to equipping the independent agency system as we partner with ACT to provide leadership in this evolving field."

Learn more at TEKRiSQ's website.  


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