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Dec 11
VU Gives You Answers

Even if there was a plethora of insurance sites with experts ready to answer your critical and timely coverage questions, the Big “I” Virtual University (VU) would still stand out for its comprehensive answers and ability to go beyond a specific question to address the big picture. Ask the VU experts a question, end up with the full analysis.


Consider the recent wildfires in the West. Several VU “Ask the Expert” queries specifically asked about how the “neighboring premises” wording in Coverage D of the ISO homeowners policy would apply to evacuations ordered by civil authorities due to threatening fires. The VU experts answered that question, but the response didn’t stop there—they continued to address the following wildfire-related issues:

  • Whether damage due to fire suppression chemicals might fall under the pollution exclusion
  • Coverage for intentional damage inflicted by governmental action
  • Coverage for personal property while away from premises
  • Debris removal
  • Reasonable repairs
  • Trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Property removed

Free for Big “I” members, the user-friendly "Ask an Expert" service alone justifies membership dues. Simply visit the VU, enter your login and password, click on “Ask an Expert” and follow the directions to submit your question. A volunteer faculty of experts will review your question, and you will receive their compiled responses as soon as possible, generally within three to five business days.


Benefit from this expert analysis and visit the VU the next time you have a tough insurance question.


For more information, email VU staff. To recover your login credentials, visit our password recovery page.


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