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Dec 18
Coming in 2015: New Customer Service Series

Today, your independent agency has more opportunities to prosper than ever before. Today’s marketplace enables your agency to be the hub of its own community as well as a member of many other communitiesall of which are populated by consumers.


The long-term success of your business depends on customers, so before you try to sell another policy, consider two key questions: Who is today’s consumer? And what should “customer service” mean in today’s marketplace?


The new Best Practices series The Customer Service Experience-An Independent Agent’s Guide to Serving Today’s Consumer can help. To be released in 11 installments beginning mid-January 2015, this insightful series will provide direction on meaningful, valuable and profitable customer service as a foundation of your business. The series includes:

  • Meet Today’s Insurance Consumer 
  • Bring Real Meaning to “Customer Service”
  • Know Your Agency
  • Understand Your Marketplace
  • Motivate Your Team
  • Prospect Effectively
  • Care for New Customers
  • Retain Customers and Grow Your Book
  • Be Professional and Trustworthy
  • Be Ready for Unplanned Communication
  • Plan for the Future

And as inevitable changes occur in the marketplace, the series will serve as a long-term guide in adjusting and enhancing your customer service focus, combining information and hands-on guidance to help your agency clearly define customer service goals and focus your efforts on achieving them.


Follow the series each month in News & Views as it becomes available on the Best Practices website. For more information about the content, contact Best Practices staff.


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