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Feb 12
Discover the True Meaning of ‘Customer Service’

The Customer Service Experience, a new 11-part online series from Big “I” Best Practices, combines information and hands-on guidance to help your agency clearly define customer service goals and focus your efforts on achieving them.

The series will also serve as a long-term guide in adjusting and enhancing your customer service focus as inevitable changes continue to affect the marketplace.


In this month’s segment, “Bring Real Meaning to ‘Customer Service,’” learn how seeing service from your customer’s perspective can help your staff deliver great service and improve retention. Successful agencies put customer service at the forefront of their operations and take the time to get to know their customers, solicit feedback and instill the importance of putting the customer first—regardless of how the interaction occurs. Agencies can further differentiate themselves from competitors by meeting and exceeding customer expectations, responding to feedback and providing the trust and expertise a customer needs and expects.


Future units will provide direction that will help agents confidently and efficiently provide meaningful, valuable and profitable customer service as a foundation of their business:

  • Meet Today’s Insurance Consumer
  • Bring Real Meaning to “Customer Service”
  • Know Your Agency
  • Understand Your Marketplace
  • Motivate Your Team
  • Prospect Effectively
  • Care for New Customers
  • Retain Customers and Grow Your Book
  • Be Professional and Trustworthy
  • Be Ready for Unplanned Communication
  • Plan for the Future

Keep an eye on the Big “I” News section of the News & Views e-newsletter to find out when each part of the series becomes available on the Best Practices website. For more information about the content, email Best Practices staff.


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