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Mar 05
Why Become a Best Practices Agency?

The Big “I” Best Practices research offers more than 20 years of experience providing the data necessary to understand how successful agencies operate—and ensure agencies remain a competitive threat in a changing environment.

Divided into six different revenue categories, the Best Practices research includes details about turnover rates, retention, organic growth, profitability and revenue per employee. This segmentation provides direct comparisons and an opportunity to review processes, procedures and philosophies of successful agencies.

Perhaps more valuable than benchmarks, the information levels the playing field for every agency that takes the time to understand the results. But time is a factor in gathering, submitting and applying this wisdom. Gaining the coveted status of a “Best Practices Agency” means spending hundreds of hours cataloging activities and documenting processes.

Any agency studying Best Practices methods must consider the time necessary to carefully analyze agency data, assign staff hours, re-work existing systems and maintain data integrity to monitor progress. After diagnosing agency issues, applying proper adjustments will also require time and resources.

Considering the effort, why would an agency bother to do all this work?

The answer is simple: the bottom line will improve every time. Agencies that implement Best Practices philosophies create more revenue and make better partners for the carriers they represent. The gains are not theoretical. Agency owners will find they have more time to spend working on the business instead of in it—devoting more energy to selling, networking or family as a result.

Real effort leads to real improvement for everyone. It’s an investment worth making.

Learn more about Best Practices products online, explore how to become a Best Practices Agency or email Best Practices staff with questions.


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