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Apr 16
Fireman's Fund Personal Insurance: Transition to ACE

On April 1, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company sold its renewal rights to ACE Group. With the sale finalized, the Big “I” is able to communicate how the shift will impact Big "I" Markets policies. Please read the information in its entirety below, paying close attention to any embedded links.

Throughout this transition, we are striving to ensure that the experience for you and your clients continues as seamlessly as possible by providing you with the necessary information to keep your customers informed.

We will communicate any developments via the Big “I” Markets Two for Tuesday e-newsletter, as well as in the Product News and Updates area prior to logging in and Affluent Program - New Business product page in the personal lines menu after logging into Big “I” Markets.

If you have any questions after reading, please contact Aimee Fawns
or Nancy Doherty.

New Business
As of April 1, 2015, Fireman's Fund is no longer accepting new business. This includes new home purchases that cannot be endorsed on an existing Fireman's Fund policy for any reason. If we are unable to process your endorsement request, we will notify you via your insured's quote detail. An ACORD application will be required to submit the risk to ACE.

If you have a new business quote issued prior to April 1, 2015 with an effective date less than 30 days in the future, it will remain eligible to be written as is with Fireman's Fund. We are unable to modify the quote but can issue the policy and then process endorsements to amend coverage.

Coverage for existing Fireman's Fund policyholders will continue until their policies are non-renewed at expiration in accordance with state law. We expect this process to begin with policies expiring in the third quarter of this year in most states, at which time ACE is expected to make offers of coverage to most Fireman's Fund policyholders.

The renewal conversion process with Big "I" Markets will go as follows:

  • The ACE conversion team will enter the Fireman's Fund policy into its system to quote, matching coverages and credits as much as possible. It will also combine all policies sharing the same effective date into one package. If the insured has other policies with a later effective date, the conversion team will not pick that up. However, Big "I" Markets will add them to the renewal quote at, and only at, the request of the sub-producing agency.
  • The ACE conversion team will release the quote to Big "I" Markets. We will pull the quote from ACE's system and post in your client's quote detail as soon as it's available to us. Your agency will have about 10 days to review the quote for missing coverages, premium questions, add additional locations and more.
  • It is your agency's responsibility to review the account and compare with expiring Fireman's Fund policies. Big "I" Markets does not have the relationship with your insured and therefore is not in a position to make sure the ACE renewal offer is accurate to your insured's exposure and expiring coverage.
  • Please communicate any questions or change requests via your client's Quote Detailin Big “I” Markets. We will not accept requests outside the Big "I" Markets system.
  • About 45 days prior to the expiration date, we will lock down the renewal offer and send it to the insured with a letter about ACE, providing a copy of that letter as soon as ACE makes it available to us.
  • Changes after we send the renewal offer to the insured will require an endorsement to the policy.


Commission and Policy Administration
We will pay commission rates in accordance with the agreements of the carrier who is writing the coverage. As commission rates vary based on the state and line of business, please
contact us with specific questions. Be sure to advise the specific account, state and line of business for a faster response.

Claims and Risk Services
Claim reporting procedures remain the same. You can continue to use Fireman's Fund claim reporting options, including
online, telephone (888-FIREHAT) and fax contact numbers available in Big “I” Markets. You may also contact ACE's claims team by phone at 800-945-7461 or by email at Please be assured these numbers will not change throughout the transition, and either method will direct your claim to the appropriate claims team.

Legal Notifications to Policyholders
As required by law in certain states, Fireman's Fund has begun sending notifications to policyholders that Fireman's Fund is withdrawing from all personal lines insurance business in those states. The company sent the first notification of this type on March 13, 2015 to policyholders in New Jersey. Going forward, we'll notify you in advance when the company sends these messages in each state so you're prepared for any questions your customers might have. Note that Fireman’s Fund will send one renewal notice for each policy number the insured has with Fireman's Fund. Please watch the Two for Tuesday e-newsletter and the pages on Big "I" Markets for this information.

Additional Information
For additional information, consult the Fireman's Fund Conversion: Frequently Asked Questions - 1st Edition. Again, please pay close attention to future editions of the Two for Tuesday e-newsletter, the login page of
Big “I” Markets and the Affluent Program product page once you log in.

Though Big "I" Markets will make every effort to post all renewal quotes to your insured's quote detail, we highly recommend running an expiration report in your agency's agency management system and following it closely. If you do not see a renewal offer within 55 days of the expiration date, please post a message asking for the status. It is very important to remember as the sub-producer of the policy your agency is responsible for the complete review and interpretation of coverages offered and/or missing. Big "I" Markets cannot and will not be responsible for the thorough review and comparison of your insured's Fireman's Fund and/or ACE policies. A sample policy of ACE's Platinum Portfolio is available upon request.

Have a Fireman's Fund direct appointment but will not become an ACE appointed agent? Big "I" Markets is very experienced in moving books of business from agents who have lost their appointments, rolling nearly $1 million in premium from Fireman's Fund terminated agents last year alone. We will offer the same opportunity to Fireman's Fund directly appointed agents who will not become an ACE directly appointed agent. Please contact Nancy Doherty at  703-706-5389 to explore this option.


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