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May 28
Customer Service Experience: ‘Motivate Your Team’

Determining your agency’s future or the best way to reach current and potential clients requires input from your entire staff—not just the sales force. Consistency is key: Without a universal understanding of your agency’s positioning and community perception, your message will fall short.


To succeed, you need buy-in. Buy-in creates motivation. Motivation creates action. And action creates results. To start this process, here are seven key steps to motivation:

  1. Establish agency goals with input.
  2. Share annual or long-range plans and show how they support individual goals.
  3. Recognize money is not the supreme motivator.
  4. Review plan progress regularly so employees understand how agency performance stacks up against planning.
  5. Live the plan and stay true to its original focus.
  6. Reward ongoing performance.
  7. Provide a feedback mechanism.

For more details, download the “employee job satisfaction feedback script” and checklist on the Best Practices “Motivate Your Team” page.


The Customer Service Experience – an Independent Agent’s Guide to Serving Today’s Consumer” is an online guide that will help you confidently and efficiently provide meaningful, valuable and profitable customer service—a foundational component of your business. Keep an eye on News & Views as we make the entire series available on the Best Practices website. For more information about the content, email Best Practices staff.


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