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Oct 15
Do Your Clients Need International Travel Coverage?

A serious illness or injury can be scary enough when it happens near home, but when it happens outside the country it can be a nightmare of epic proportions.


Depending on where you are, nearest medical facilities may be inadequate or distant. A seriously wounded person might not survive land transport over rut-filled dirt roads—and might not have the time even if the roads are smooth, making air-lift a necessity. Language barriers and even local politics can get in the way. A standard health insurance policy will not usually cover the related expenses, which can extend into the tens of thousands of dollars. Many foreign medical facilities and hospitals will demand payment in advance.

ACE International understands these challenges, which is why ACE International Advantage® covers employees—including spouses, companions, accompanying children, school employees or chaperones and students on sponsored trips or studying abroad—either on a temporary trip or living overseas. Coverage includes a $10,000 hospital admission deposit and up to $1,000,000 for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.


International Advantage can also provide locally admitted insurance policies in more than 200 countries and basic options other foreign package providers don’t typically provide. Log in to Big “I” Markets to learn more and submit a quote.


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