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Oct 29
Access Small Bonds in Record Time

On smaller bid, performance and payment bonds, Big “I” Markets partner Goldleaf Surety may be able to help your insured get the bonds they need. All it takes is a one-page application through the Short Cut Bond Program, which now offers sureties that will entertain up to a $500,000 single and aggregate program.

Goldleaf works with a variety of sureties under the Short Cut Bond Program—and each has its own unique underwriting requirements. So even if one surety is unable or unwilling to entertain a particular risk, Goldleaf does have other options. Because Goldleaf has access to several surety markets with similar programs, the company may be able to assist your insured even if they have already been denied due to the owners' personal credit scores or the type of work involved.

If necessary, Goldleaf has access to over two dozen surety markets, ranging from standard markets to those with strong commercial expertise to specialty markets—enabling Goldleaf to redirect and find a different way help your insured obtain the bonding support they need.

Finally, Goldleaf's staff will do a good job helping clients migrate out of these programs to expand surety lines of credit, rather than allowing contractors to get trapped in these small programs where they do not receive the surety counsel that is necessary to help them grow.

For more information on Goldleaf's Short Cut Bond Program or about helping your clients with their bond needs, log in to Big “I” Markets or email Big “I” Markets and an underwriter will contact you.


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