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Oct 29
Save Significant Time with DocuSign

The daylight saving time shift is almost here, but Big I Advantage® can help you save far more than an hour. Think about what your organization could do with hundreds or even thousands of saved hours per year.

Big “I” partner DocuSign is the industry leader in e-signature and digital transaction management. Today, 12 of the top 15 U.S. insurance companies use DocuSign, as well as more than 450 Big “I” members across 44 states. More than half of documents sent through DocuSign are signed and completed in under an hour, and DocuSign provides an enormous ROI in a number of ways, including reduced shipping costs, better customer acquisition and retention, hours of employee time and wages saved through administrative mailing tasks and quicker sales cycles.

Learn more about how to reduce your paper flow by reading this DocuSign blog post: “
Is paper the root of all evil? No. But it sure costs businesses a wicked amount.”

Sign up today and get your exclusive Big "I" discount.


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