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Apr 07
Dumb Things We Do: Let’s Talk About It

We all make mistakes in our understanding, advice and actions when it comes to insuring the public. These coverage and procedural mistakes become problematic when they adversely impact consumers and businesses, leading to inadequately covered losses—and all too often, litigation.


Do any of these situations ring a bell?

  • Misunderstanding policy provisions, such as additional insured vs. indemnitee
  • Not quoting higher limits
  • Providing non-insurance services
  • Bidding on accounts beyond your expertise
  • If the BOP don't fit...
  • Not knowing PAP differences
  • Binding coverage without a property inspection

What about dealing with regulators when it comes to:

  • Policy review?
  • Rates, rules and forms review?
  • Bad information regarding ice dams, deer and inaugurations?

Join Bill Wilson and David Thompson on May 11 as they tap into a file accumulated over the past decade containing more than 500 real-life incidents that imperiled the financial condition of consumers and businesses.


The webinar, The Dumb Things We Do, will help participants improve educational and quality control procedures, identify common mistakes and deal with other parties in a productive and professional manner to improve performance. The session is currently pending approval for continuing education credit in Idaho, Kentucky and New York. The Big “I” Virtual University will update the registration page as information becomes available.


Send questions to VU webinar staff.


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