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May 19
How to Maximize Your Caliper Investment

Join Big “I” partner Caliper for a free webinar, How to Leverage Caliper Profile Data and Maximize Your Caliper Investment, on Tuesday, June 7 at noon ET.


During the session, you’ll learn how to revisit Caliper Profile results to build the most effective teams, identify and develop high-potential employees, and improve organizational effectiveness. Now is the time to use those results in your efforts to engage and retain top performers. Don’t let that precious data go to waste!
In this webinar, you’ll hear from Cyndi Sax, senior vice president of consulting services, and Melinda Kennedy, organizational development consultant, on how to use your current Caliper data in order to:

  • Support new employees to hit peak performance more quickly.
  • Offer targeted coaching to develop current employees.
  • Build more effective teams.
  • Develop your future leaders.

Register online for this free webinar and learn more about your exclusive Big “I” discount on Caliper testing and consulting services.


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