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Jun 09
InsurPac Surpasses $500,000 Mark in Five Months

Big “I” agents across the country have long been active leaders in their communities, both personally and professionally—involvement that extends into the political arena. Many agents understand they must have “skin in the game,” since legislators in local and federal office help shape the business environment.


One of the fastest ways to become active is through political action committees (PACs).


InsurPac, the Big “I’” federal PAC, has served the independent agent community for more than four decades. It raises voluntary, personal contributions from agents and other supporters throughout the country and disburses 100% of those investments to support candidates for federal office.


Nearly 1,700 agents supported InsurPac in the first five months of 2016 with a combined $520,000, putting InsurPac on pace to eclipse $1 million for the fourth year in a row. So far, states leading the charge for the InsurPac National Championship are Illinois ($40,366), North Carolina ($36,495) and Iowa ($33,250). States leading the pack for Eagle Status—those that raise an average of $100 per agency—include New Hampshire ($86 per agency), Montana ($77 per agency) and South Carolina ($70 per agency).


Stay tuned as states begin to ramp up their efforts to capture these awards. At the end of this month, look for a list of nationwide donors in the News & Views e-newsletter.


To learn more about InsurPac, contact Nathan Riedel, Big “I” vice president of political affairs, at 202-863-7000.


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