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Oct 13
USA Today Publishes Big ‘I’ Defense of NFIP

​This week, USA Today published an opinion piece by Bob Rusbuldt, Big "I" president & CEO, in defense of the NFIP.

In the article, Rusbuldt highlights that the NFIP "is the only safety net for the millions of homeowners and small business owners—like those currently suffering from the effects of Hurricane Matthew—who live in flood zones."

The Big "I" believes that flood insurance should be available and affordable to all individuals and businesses that need or want to obtain coverage. The association continues to advocate for modernization and long-term extension of the program to avoid market disruption. 

The Big "I" believes the private market, where possible, should offer flood insurance policies as a complement to the NFIP, not a replacement. Currently, the private market does not have the capacity nor the desire to underwrite this risk on an extensive basis. Rusbuldt's piece provides an "opposing view" to a USA Today editorial that argues for privatization of the NFIP.

USA Today boasts the largest newspaper circulation in the country.


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