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Feb 23
Use Competencies to Hire Top Performers

The days of job descriptions that include lists of tasks or traits are fading as more recruiters hire based on competencies.

Competencies are bundles of personal attributes—such as personality traits, motivational factors, knowledge and skills—that combine with a work environment to create strong performance in business-critical outcome areas.

Weighing competencies during the hiring process dives deeper into someone's on-the-job potential, and helps you answer questions such as: How does this person's personality play into their motivations on the job? How can they best work in the open role, and will they be able to grow with this company?

Big "I" partner Caliper recently completed a multiyear research project to identify the competencies that point to success in jobs across industries. Join Caliper on Tuesday, March 14 at noon ET for a free webinar, How to Use Competencies to Hire Top Performers.

Visit the Caliper webpage on the Big "I" website to learn more about your Big "I" discount on Caliper testing and services.  


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