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Technology Solutions for Your Business


Technology Solutions for Your Business

When you're looking for technology solutions for your agency,
turn to the Big "I" Agents Council for Technology.

The industry's leading technology experts provide blueprints on disaster planning, cybersecurity, customer experience, and other emerging trends to help your agency.  Look to ACT when you are looking for best practices or if you want to influence the industry's technology direction, join an ACT meeting or virtual workgroup.



ADA & Accessibility Resource Page

Is your website in ADA compliance? - CLICK HERE for free ADA resources.

ACT Remote Work Best Practices Guide and Remote Work Agreement

Optimize your remote work environment - CLICK HERE for free resources.

ACT Agency-Customer Texting and eDelivery Agreements

Vital resources to help prevent E&O issues - CLICK HERE 


Now Featuring: Cybersecurity Webinar
This 30-minute on-demand webinar will help you protect your agency from cyber threat.  Understand the risks of non-compliance and a concise overview of all applicable security regulations.  

All On-demand Webinars 
Press play for free and learn about mobile, using video, data breach, cyber and more! 


NEW! Cyber Guide 3.0 site!
Understand the risks and regulations and find solutions to secure your agency.

Get the Download: Protect Your Agency's Data
How do you best protect your agency from cyber threats and prepare your agency to recover should a disaster strike? Understand risks, discover solutions and check out the wealth of resources available.


How's technology going to influence the future of the independent agency system? ACT reports on InsurTech, experience design and more.
Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
This is a quickly evolving trend that is in its infancy but has the potential to revolutionize the way insurance carriers and agents interact with their clients. 

For more trend analysis including AI, Smart Homes, and Autonomous vehicles, click here. 
What do customers want from their independent insurance agents?  Tap into technology, and motivate your team to provide the service today's insurance consumers want.

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Why Turn to the Big I?
ACT Top 3
Customer Experience Lifecycle
Interview w/ACT Chairman Jay Byrnes
Interview w/Caleen Alexanderson
Cybersecurity Made Simple


ACT's mission is to bring all independent agent & broker distribution stakeholders together to advance the use of the most effective agency workflow technologies which enhance productivity, sales & marketing, service, and security. IA agents & brokers, carriers, vendors, user groups, associations, and consultants all participate in ACT work groups and in our bi-annual ACT Meetings.

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