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May 19
How Do I Know If My Agency Is Cyber-Secure?

Independent insurance agencies, as holders of critical personally-identifiable information (PII), truly are the target of cyber criminals – These nefarious entities have long ago stopped 'shot-gunning' across all businesses, and now focus on those that they know have the valuable data from which they can sell and profit.

And the pandemic has not slowed their focus – by October of 2020, the number of records exposed reached a staggering 37 billion records, increasing by 141% from 2019*.  Even more concerning - the Finance & Insurance sector grew to be the third most targeted of all industries, accounting for over 12% of all breaches.  This is ahead of Manufacturing, Retail, Education.

There is certainly no shortage of news and confusion around cybercrime – insurance company data breaches, independent insurance agency ransomware attacks, business email compromise, spoofing, the list goes on.

All this considered, we need to take this focus on our industry seriously; we need to prepare and prevent incursions as best possible.  ACT is your partner in providing insights, education, real resources, and links to industry cyber service providers to help your agency be as cyber-ready as possible.

Add to the mix the myriad cyber compliance requirements imposed upon insurance agencies by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the California Online Privacy Protection Act, NY DFS, as well as additional states adopting versions of the NAIC Cybersecurity Recommendations, and agency personnel are left with confusion on what to do and how to get started.

Late in 2020, ACT released our Agency Cyber Guide 3.0 – a free comprehensive resource that includes a breakdown of the regulations and descriptions, as well as provides a 12-step compliance roadmap that agents can use to chart their way through the admittedly confusing cyber terrain.

But in covering all these insights and providing corresponding cyber resources, we realize it still can be difficult to clearly assess where your agency stands when it comes to cyber-readiness.

That's why our ACT Security Issues work group immediately began work on a quick and concise “Agency Cyber-Readiness Self-Assessment" that will help you not only clarify your agency's preparedness and understand the critical areas still needing action, but will also point back to key resources within the Agency Cyber Guide 3.0.

You can access the Cyber-Readiness Self-Assessment from the Agency Cyber Guide 3.0 home page or going directly to the assessment by clicking HERE

* Source – Risk-Based Security, 2020 Year End Data Breach Quick View Report


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