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Build a relationship with your clients throughout the year

Let the relationship-building continue as you become a trusted resource for valuable information and community support. To do this, it's important to create an experience based on your clients' preferred communication outlets. By leveraging your agency management system, creating a communication strategy, and being easily accessible when your client needs you most your clients will become champions of your agency.

1. Mobile account management

Clients will expect access to policy forms with 24/7 availability. In addition, payment features, ID cards, household inventory and claims reporting should be easy and mobile-friendly. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and implement self-servicing features for clients. Consider text message alerts for important updates. 

Account management tools:


 2. Communication preferences

Some clients may like text messages for non-policy-change discussions, and others may want email or phone calls.  Others may prefer documents sent electronically via email, or  want to access needed policy documents like ID Cards, bill payment, etc., via a customer portal accessible from your agency website.  Determine your clients' communication preferences from the start of the relationship and leverage your agency management system to distribute content how your client wants it.   
Bonus: Streamlined communications and a paperless office environment save your agency time & money.

     Management systems: 


3. Robust web content 

Share insurance and risk management-related tips with clients on your website and social media outlets. Target the content to the clients you want and utilize a mix of delivery methods including blogs and listicles, podcasts, video, webchats, and more. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. Contributors can include staff, carriers, and customizable content from Trusted Choice.  Once created, content can be sliced, diced, and shared repeatedly when relevant. Craft an email newsletter and build a social media following to remind clients of the wealth of resources available. 


Build an informative website:

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4. Be proactive when life changes 

Implement a plan to nurture your client relationships. Recognize life changes including birthdays and anniversaries. Illustrate that you understand your clients' needs by sending timely storm safety tips or a note when a teen becomes a licensed driver. Consistent touches throughout the year will solidify your relationship and open the door for inquiries when life changes are top-of-mind. 

Communication and marketing tools:

5. Value-added, community building, services 

In addition to building a robust website strategy, there are other ways to create value for your clients. Host paper shredding events, sponsor defensive driving courses, or highlight your community involvement online and in your agency. Advise customers of services available to them at no additional charge via agency newsletters, blog, website, social media, texting, etc.  This is an excellent way to highlight agency advocacy and commitment in the community.  Another great value for commercial lines customers is risk management and/or safety consulting. 

Community builders: 


6. Create a positive claims experience

During the claims process, clients will need clear processes and after-hours options for reporting. Clients will want to be briefed on what to expect from the claim process and what they will need to submit. Follow-up with a phone call or email form on the agency's claim status. 

 If problems occur, the agent acts on the client's behalf to resolve the issue. If the client's claim is denied, the agent will help the client understand why and identify next steps. Agencies should consider implementing a claims communication plan which might include a personal acknowledgment (by phone, email, or note card) of each claim and post-claim service report cards to solicit feedback on the claims experience.


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