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2021 Best Practices Study Update

FREE WEBINAR: Join Tom Doran on Sept. 23 as he discusses this year's highlights and what agencies are doing to continue to perform at record levels on 2021 Best Practices Study Update Highlights webinar.

The 2021 Best Practices Study Update can be used as a standalone for the special focus report, financial and benchmarking information. If this is your first time with Best Practices, the special focus information "Foundations: Laying the Groundwork" provided in the 2019 Best Practices Study may be helpful to create a full picture of how Best Practices can benefit an agency. 

The Best Practices bundle includes the 2019 comprehensive report and the 2020 and 2021 Updates, providing the financial and benchmarking informaton and special reports for a three-year cycle.


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Introduction & Overview

2021 Special Focus on 
Major Issues Perpetuation
and Insurtech


Executive Summary and Analysis of Agencies

  • Under $1.25M in revenue
  • Between $1.25M and $2.5M in revenue
  • Between $2.5M and $5.0M in revenue
  • Between $5.0M and $10.0M in revenue
  • Between $10.0M and $25.0M in revenue
  • Over $25.0M in revenue

Cross Category Comparision

  • Agency Specialization & Speciality Revenues %
  • Staffing Information
  • Revenue Growth
  • Sales Velocity
  • Expenses
  • Profitability
  • Rule of 20

Glossary of Terms Used

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