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Best Practices Products

 key goal of the Best Practices program is to create opportunities for you to make real change to your agency and its success. But if the materials are to move beyond theory into practice, there needs to be more than an annual synopsis of the current findings. There must be practical tools you can use to create and duplicate the best practices in your own agency.

There are multiple tools and a free webinars available and each is designed to address a specific area. 
Check out all the products available under the Big "I" Best Practices umbrella:

How can agency use the Best Practices report internally?


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The annual Best Practices Study (BPS) originated in 1993 as an initiative by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (or Big I) to help its members build and maintain the value of their most important assets, their agencies. By studying the leading agencies and brokers in the country, the association hoped to provide member agents with meaningful performance benchmarks and business strategies that could be adopted or adapted for use in improving agency performance, thus enhancing agency value. The Big I retained the principals of Reagan Consulting to create and perform the first Best Practices Study. Annual updates are conducted to provide important financial and operational benchmarks and the Study is recognized as one of the most thoughtful, effective and valuable resources ever made available to the industry.

 What's Included

  • Introduction & Overview
  • NEW in 2019:  Foundations: "Laying the Groundwork" including compensation information for service staff
  • Executive Summary and Analysis of Agencies
    • Under $1.25M in revenue
    • Between $1.25M and $2.5M in revenue
    • Between $2.5M and $5.0M in revenue
    • Between $5.0M and $10.0M in revenue
    • Between $10.0M and $25.0M in revenue
    • Over $25.0M in revenue
  • Cross Category Comparision
    • Agency Specialization & Speciality Revenues %
    • Staffing Information
    • Revenue Growth
    • Sales Velocity
    • Expenses
    • Profitability
    • Rule of 20
  • Glossary of Terms Used

Do you want to know what the best agencies are doing to achieve superior results? Use the benchmarks to create your agency's performance dashboard.

​​This handbook provides direction that will help you to confidently and efficiently provide meaningful, valuable and profitable customer service as a foundational component of your business. 

Your independent agency today has more opportunities to prosper than ever before in the history of the insurance industry.  The complexion of today’s marketplace allows your agency to be the hub of its own community as well as a member of many other communities – all populated by consumers. Some of these consumers are your customers, and you want to make sure they stay with you.  Others are prospective customers who need to be convinced to do business with you.

What's Included
  • Meet Today's Insurance Consumer
  • Bring Real Meaning to "Customer Service"
  • Know Your Agency
  • Understand Your Marketplace
  • Motivate Your Team
  • Prospect Effectively
  • Care for New Customers
  • Retain Customers and Grow Your Book
  • Be Professional and Trustworthy
  • Be Ready for Unplanned Communication
  • Plan for the Future
  • and 10 PDF fillable checklists

guide-producer-contract.jpgIf you want to understand the contractual elements and increase your knowledge of what should be included in your producer contracts, order the Guide to Producer Contracts.

The 33 page guide walks the reader through many different areas within an effective agreement including: Parties to the Agreement, Recitals, Term of the Agreement, Responsibilities of the Producer, Responsibilities of the Agency, Exclusive Nature of Employment, Compensation, Benefits and Expenses, Non-compete, Non-piracy, Non-disclosure, Collections, Authority of the Producer, Option to Purchase Agency Interest, Vesting of Commissions, and more. 

If you like this:  For the complete picture on finding, hiring, training, compensating and managing great performers see Top Producers: Discover, Train, Reward.

If you want to recruit, hire and train the best producers for your agency then order Top Producers: Discover, Train, Reward.
Have you wanted to know how much time and money will the hiring process cost?  What’s the best way to recruit, screen and interview candidates? How do you avoid any legal pitfalls in the interviewing and hiring process?  How long until a new producer is profitable to the agency, and what kind of tools, training and support will it take to bring them to that point? And, once that excellent producer is on board, how do you keep them motivated? The 160 plus page guide helps answer those questions and includes information on selection, development and motivation.   

Did you know?  This guide includes the Guide to Producer Contracts at no additional charge.

Do you want to measure your sales performance and potential?  Use the Sales Potential Quick Check Excel spreadsheet to test and analyze the level of sales potential being leveraged or left untapped in your agency.

You'll answer questions related to the following topics:

Worksheet A - Does your agency have a sales culture?
Worksheet B - Does your agency demonstrate a commitment to sales?
Worksheet C - Do you have a well-thought business development strategy?
Worksheet D - Are you getting the job done; focusing on the results?

For another look into your agency operations, be sure to check out the Interactive Agency Self-Diagnostic Tool.

​​If you want to be proactive by analyzing and improving agency performance then the Self-Diagnostic Tool is right for you.

This interactive tool will allow an agency to take a look at critical aspects and determine where improvements can be made.  It also includes a workbook will allow you to compare your year-end results with the results obtained by the Best Practices Agencies, and to calculate any performance gaps between the two.
A basic understanding of navigating Microsoft Excel will help improve use of this product. 

Tip: Before you start applying best practices to your agency, the Self-Diagnostic Tool can help you understand how well your agency measures up against the top agencies nationwide. The SDT can be used to perform a complete agency evaluation or to spot check performance on one or more key issues or problem areas.

If you want to create more productive partnerships with carriers then order the Joint Planning Tool Quick Step.

As a successful agency owner, you want to create more productive partnerships by sharing information and planning responsibilities with the carriers your represent.  By working together, you can maximize your joint efforts and resources to generate greater efficiencies and profits and enhance your mutual success.  This Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet tool will help you establish and monitor collaborative planning relationships with insurance partner. 
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