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New IA magazine and Enewsletter Will be Released in January

Big “I” communications vehicles will receive new look, better frequency and more tools.

IA magazine is months away from our exciting January 2014 relaunch. Here's what that means for companies who want to take advantage of IA's reach:
  • Redesigned monthly print magazine
  • Increased frequency of the redesigned enewsletter
  • Reimagined
  • Brand new tablet app
With so many additional editorial outlets, your opportunity to reach independent insurance agents and brokers across the country will increase. Reach out to the associate publisher Diane Rusignola to see how your company can be part of the reimagined publication from the ground-up.
​127 South Peyton Street
Alexandria VA 22314
​phone: 800.221.7917
fax: 703.683.7556

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