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African American Resources

Developed for the Big "I" in conjunction with McDonald Marketing

A website spearheaded by the Cable Television Advertising Bureau in collaboration with over 25 companies including media, agencies, advertisers, research companies and marketing consultants to create a comprehensive source for the latest stats, insights, research, case studies and programming options for the black consumer.
Sometimes the best opportunity is right there in front of you, but you don’t see its true value because it’s too familiar. You think you already know what it’s about, and you have a standard way of dealing with it. These pages will open your eyes to the major brand-building opportunity that’s in plain sight: the Black consumer market.
An online resource for locating Black focused websites. 
List of African-American Events Click Here
Online site dedicated to news relevant to African-Americans. Site also includes a African American Web Directory with a comprehensive list of Black Web Sites, Resources and Organizations.
African American Web Directory Click Here
Listing of Black Newspapers Click Here
The online version of Black Enterprise magazine contains information that is interesting to black entrepreneurs and businessmen.
The online version of Ebony Magazine.  A great place to learn about black culture.
The online version of Essence Magazine.  A great place to learn about what African-American women care about.
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