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Demographics Resources

Developed for the Big "I" by McDonald Marketing

A website spearheaded by the Cable Television Advertising Bureau in collaboration with over 25 companies including media, agencies, advertisers, research companies and marketing consultants to create a comprehensive source for the latest stats, insights, research, case studies and programming options for the black consumer.
Sometimes the best opportunity is right there in front of you, but you don’t see its true value because it’s too familiar. You think you already know what it’s about, and you have a standard way of dealing with it. These pages will open your eyes to the major brand-building opportunity that’s in plain sight: the Black consumer market.
An online resource for locating Black focused websites. 
List of African-American Events Click Here
Online site dedicated to news relevant to African-Americans. Site also includes a African American Web Directory with a comprehensive list of Black Web Sites, Resources and Organizations.
African American Web Directory Click Here
Listing of Black Newspapers Click Here
The online version of Black Enterprise magazine contains information that is interesting to black entrepreneurs and businessmen.
The online version of Ebony Magazine.  A great place to learn about black culture.
The online version of Essence Magazine.  A great place to learn about what African-American women care about.



A compilation of Asian American-related information and resources available on the Internet.

 AARisings.gif                                                                                                                                    Source of news related to Asian entertainment. has a great list of links related to the Asian-American culture.



The Asian American Center for Asian Studies at UCLA has a great online directory of local Asian organizations and resources. You can select your topic and your state and you will get a list with links to their websites.
Founded in 1983 by Loni Ding, The Center for Educational Telecommunications (CET) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to producing, publishing and consulting in the area of multiculturalism, with a special interest in Asian and Asian American concerns.

Contains a listing of selected indexes, e-journals, and websites in Asian American Studies. 

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program provides vision, leadership, and support for Asian and Pacific Islander American initiatives for the Smithsonian Institution and works to better reflect their contributions to the American experience, world culture, and the understanding of our planet and the natural world throughout Smithsonian Institution collections, research, exhibitions, outreach, and education programs. Their website is a great resource for Asian-American culture. 
Online version of Alist Magazine, which celebrates Asian-American achievement.
Source of information for Asian-Americans.








Utilize this site to determine the demographics of your area.

CensusScope:2010 Census Data, Charts, Maps and Rankings
A useful tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends presented as graphics and maps.
Utilize this site to determine the demographics for your local area.

CIA – The World Factbook
The World Factbook is a reference resource produced by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States with almanac style information about the countries of the world. If you have a population of foreign born individuals, this provides great information about the places they come from and can provide insights into their background and culture.


The Gen-X Files is a blog focused on generational issues, especially those relating to Generation X.


The Generation X Report
The University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research put out updates on their Longitudinal Study of American Youth. This study has been following Generation X for several years. Quarterly reports cover various topics. For example, the Spring 2012 report covered food, and the Summer 2012 covered attitudes about climate change.
Click Here for the Summer 2012 report
A Web site dedicated to educating the twenty-to-thirty-year-old set on the economy, insurance, credit, real estate, and related topics. Great source to see what Gen X cares about when it comes to money.


The Radio Advertising Bureau has a report online on generation X. To download Click Here


Online resource for effectively marketing to Gen Y/Millenial generation.

Read the blog of Gen Y expert Chelsea Krost, often named “the voice of her generation”.

The blog for Millenial Branding, a company specializing in research related Millenials.


Targeted at Gen Y journalists and bloggers.

This is the blog of Lindsey Pollak, Gen Y career expert. This is a good place to see what your Gen Y employees care about.




Free website dedicated to news and articles about marketing to the Hispanic market.
Companion site to Hispanic Market Weekly newsletter. This is a subscription‐based website dedicated to news and articles about marketing to the Hispanic market.
Great source of information regarding what Hispanic business people care about.



Founded in 2001, the Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos’ growing impact on the nation. The Center does not take positions on policy issues. It is a project of the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan “fact tank” in Washington, DC that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, a public charity based in Philadelphia. Their online site features numerous reports describing the Hispanics population’s demographics, psychographics and more. 


Free website and blog dedicated to news and articles about marketing to the Hispanic market and the Latino market culture in the U.S.


The National Hispanic Business Information Clearinghouse (Hispanic BIC) is a free, bilingual web portal that provides critical business information to support the startup and growth of Hispanic‐owned businesses. The Hispanic BIC has a collection of business‐related articles, videos, local resources, demographics and tools that help Hispanic entrepreneurs successfully start and run a business.



Hispanic Research Inc. is a company dedicated to conducting research in the Hispanic Market. Since 1982, they have interviewed thousands of U.S. Latinos on almost every subject imaginable‐ from how they feel about candy bars to how they deal with retirement. This area of their website aims to provide a comprehensive profile of the U.S. Hispanic market.

This site provides a compilation of articles and a blog relating to Hispanic culture.


Smithsonian Education Hispanic Heritage Teaching Resources
Compilation of resources by the Smithsonian meant to help teachers teach their students about Hispanic culture, specifically during Hispanic Heritage Month.

The website for the National Hispanic Cultural Center, an organization dedicated to Hispanic Cultural Arts.

The National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) is the nation’s leading nonprofit
organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development, and cultivation of the
Latino arts field. This is a great resource for Latino culture.


A website for all things Hispanic.

This site provides a list of “Latino links”, e.g. links to Latino businesses or organizations organized by


This is the website for GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's) Advertising Media Program.

The Commercial Closet Association has created a list of advertising targeting this group and grades them.  This is a great place to study up on successful gay advertisements and learn best practices.


Blog by Mr. Colichman, who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Here Media, the world's leading multimedia company targeting the LGBT consumer. He is a well-regarded creative executive and producer with over 20 years of experience.




Another top news source with great features on politics, business and travel. It reports on the people, events, and experiences that impact the lives of gay men and lesbians across the US and abroad.




This is the online site for the top GLBT publication. Great place to learn more about GLBT culture and interests.



Gay and lesbian marketing insights from Merge LGBT Marketing & Advertising, a group dedicated to targeting the LGBT market.

This pop culture site is owned by Logo Online. It’s a great place to see what the gay community is interested in.
This site from Washington DC focusses on Ideas, Culture and Music. It has a fresh design and seems to really hit home with the 20 something set. Think hipster pop culture.








Las Vegas

New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island




Source: Geoscape, The American Marketscape DatastreamTM Series 2013, Consumer Spending DynamixTM, Series 2013



Looking for more race/ethnicity information for a particular state? Click here.




Blog with commentary on multicultural advertising. Great place to see examples of what to do, and what not to do.
Self‐described as the “premier organization for diversity thought leaders.”


A marketing blog dealing with effectively reaching women.


“A guy’s guide to marketing to women.”


Women marketing expert Michelle Miller writes about how to effectively target women.

The Lip-sticking Society is an interactive site for women, by women and about women - that welcomes men to join the conversation. Lip-sticking the blog was established in 2004. It's written primarily by women and for women, about women’s issues in both business and in life.


The Marketing to Women conference website has some reference information, including
Women “fast facts”


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