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Dive In - Global Diversity and Inclusion Festival

Available on-demand, presented live September 21-23, 2021

social_image.pngThe Big "I" Diversity Council is pleased to continue in supporting the Dive In Festival for Diversity & Inclusion in Insurance. This year's sessions are now available on-demand for a limited time. 

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The Dive In Festival seeks to…

  • Help insurance get fit for the future,

  • Highlight the business case for diverse and inclusive workplaces, and

  • Provide practical ideas and inspiration for how to bring about positive change.

This year's theme covered a range of topics including mental health, social responsibility, multi-generational workplaces, gender, LGBT+, multiculturalism, race & ethnicity, and disability.  Some of the featured sessions are highlighted below. 

Featured Virtual Sessions


Stronger Together: Showcasing Disability Inclusion in the New Workplace 

We will address and discuss the common misconceptions of disabled employees in the workforce, and highlight companies which are "best-in-class" and "best-in-practice" in hiring, onboarding, and developing professionals with disabilities (visible or invisible), neurodiversity, or mental health conditions. Spotlight companies that have created tangible actions towards more inclusive and disability-friendly workplaces. Showcase companies (or individuals) that broke ableist misconceptions in today's workforce.

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporters: Chubb and Travelers

Additional Company Supporters: AIG,  AON, Axis, Briza, Jacobson, Markel, National Federation of the Blind, Philadelphia, Society of Actuaries, Tort Communication, Willis Towers Watson

12:00PM ET
90 minutes

Diversity and Inclusion: Worth More Than Gold 

There is compelling research showing that diversity increases a company's competitive advantage, enhances creativity, and elevates employee engagement. Despite this, there is still resistance to workplace diversity. Through engaging personal narratives, Dima Ghawi will share the types of diversity beyond race and gender and cover its proven benefits. She will provide the audience with tools to increase diversity in their teams and to focus on attracting, engaging, and retaining diverse talent. The audience will gain a new understanding of managing resistance, tracking progress, and creating a climate that celebrates diversity.

Presented in partnership with North America's National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)

2:30PM ET
60 minutes

Individuals and Corporations Working Together for a Sustainable Future 

Becoming an ally is no small task. Allyship requires solidarity- a relationship built on understanding, shared values and trust. Anthena Gore will share insights on how organizations make the shift to active ally using culturally informed systems thinking and asset-framing practices for creating and scaling sustainable futures. Sonam Wangchuk will share insights on how individuals can make lifestyle shifts to contribute to a global sustainable future.

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporters: Chubb and Travelers

Additional Company Supporters: AIG, Aon, Axis, Kennedys, Markel, Marsh, McLarens, Swiss Re

5:00PM ET
60 minutes

Walking the Tightrope 

As workplaces strive for greater diversity, equity and inclusion, traditional gender expectations continue to present challenges for many individuals. Professionals who identify as women often face the double bind -- show up as likable and risk being seen as less competent or leadership-ready; show up as strong and competent and risk being seen as less likable. Professionals who identify as men but don't fully embrace traditionally masculine norms are often stigmatized as well. Being nice, vulnerable or empathetic can sometimes work against men. While the pandemic has proven that leaders who demonstrate empathy, humility and vulnerability are more effective than their command-and-control counterparts, deep-rooted gender expectations make it difficult for professionals who deviate from traditional gender norms to navigate the workplace and rise to higher levels. This can leave many feeling as though they have a very fine line, or tightrope, to walk.

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporters: Chubb, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, and Travelers

Additional Company Supporters: AIG, Aon, Atheria Law, Axis, Caprio Consulting, Intact, Kennedys, Lloyd's, Lombard International, Marsh, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Sompo International, Willis Towers Watson  

10:00AM ET
60 minutes

Expanding Our Reach - New Ways to Recruit & Train Diverse Talent 

Companies in all sectors of the financial services industry face workforce challenges attracting talent. Traditional recruitment methods have yielded lackluster results. Join our speakers as we explore apprenticeship and other programs designed to tap into and/or support diverse talent with programs designed to close the educational divide and provide work experience leading to full-time employment of highly skilled and diverse professionals.

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporters: Chubb and Travelers

Additional Company Supporters: AIG, Aon, Axis, Markel, Marsh, McLarens, Swiss Re

11:00AM ET
60 minutes

Allies Through Their Eyes: True Stories of Allyship From LGBT+ Colleagues 

Kira Kimball, Chief Innovation Officer with Marsh & McLennan Agency, moderates a panel of courageous LGBT+ insurance professionals who share their lived experiences as LGBT+ people and how allies impacted the process of being true to themselves and making their mark on their professional and personal worlds.

Company Supporters: AIG, Aon, Eliot Partnership, Markel, Marsh, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Willis Towers Watson

3:00PM ET
60 minutes

Re-entry anxiety: How to Manage Stress About Post-Pandemic Life 

A year ago, we would have given just about anything to be returning to the pre-pandemic life we once knew. Now, after navigating Covid-19 stress, re-entry anxiety is real and presents a whole new set of unique challenges.

This workshop focuses on overcoming re-entry anxiety, including mindful tools to support yourself and others.

  • Explore the neuroscience behind re-entry anxiety
  • Gain insight into the triggers and why you may be feeling so anxious now
  • Experience simple practices to help ease re-entry anxiety
  • Learn tools to supports others who are struggling to adjust to this new way of life

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporter: The Hartford

Additional Company Supporters: AIG, Aon, Argo Group, AXA, The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB), Gallagher, Gamma Iota Sigma, Kennedys, Markel, The Philadelphia Insurance Companies

4:00PM ET
60 minutes
Where do we go from here – Exploring the Business Case for Allyship

While the topic of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has existed for some time, 2020 was a wake-up call for companies to reexamine their (DEI) initiatives. That need echoed even louder with the attacks on Asian-Americans in 2021. The past year has reshaped the business case for DEI and allyship, causing corporate leaders to make DEI a top priority. In addition, companies are positioning themselves so that they don't miss the mark with consumers and talented employees who would rather choose businesses that have a proven commitment to DEI. Join us as we explore allyship through the lens of what has happened over the past year. We will discuss what we're learning, what's working, and what we can do to be better allies.

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporter: CNA and Liberty Mutual

Additional Company Supporters: AIG, Aon, Axis Capital, Beecher Carlson,Cultilever Advisors, Arthur J. Gallagher, Lewis Brisbois, Markel, Marsh, NAAIA, Swiss Re, Willis Towers Watson

5:00PM ET
90 minutes

The Principles of Cultural Mastery 

Learn how to successfully engage diverse cultures and create a true sense of belonging in your organization. Ricardo González will share the mindset and skillset needed to successfully navigate the culturally complex world we live in today. Create much more positive, productive, and profitable environments, while insulating yourself against unnecessary cultural missteps.

Company Supporter: USAA

12:30PM ET
60 minutes
The Business of Belonging: Developing and Retaining Diverse Talent 

There are many facets to developing, growing , and retaining diverse talent. Join us in this this discussion focused on racially diverse talent in our industry. We will take a deeper look at topics such as mentorship and sponsorship, attraction and recruitment, pay equity, and leadership visibility.

Big "I" Diversity Council Company Supporter: CNA and Liberty Mutual

Additional Company Supporters: AIG, AMWINS, Aon, Axis Capital, Beecher Carlson, Cultilever Advisors, Arthur J. Gallagher, JAMS, Lewis Brisbois, Markel, Marsh, NAAIA, Swiss Re, Willis Towers Watson

1:00PM ET
90 minutes

For more information click here to visit the Dive In Festival page or contact Whitnee Dillard, Big "I" Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

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