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The Big "I" Diversity Council Presents...

Inclusive Leadership Webinar Series 

as We Work Towards a New Normal 

While the impact of COVID19 has varied across the country , the question we must continue to ask ourselves remains... What can I do to better stand alongside my customers? As independent agents we are not just in the business of selling a policy, but we have made the commitment to be a trusted advisor to our clients and communities we serve.

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Your Agency’s Success Starts with YOU 

Encore Presentation on October 21 at the LET's Virtual Conference

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Crucial Conversations to Have with Your Carrier Partners 

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Engaging Your Customers and Your Community

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As the country continues to slowly encourage us to reopen the doors to 
our businesses and homes, here are questions we must ask ourselves...


How am I caring for myself and my team?


How am I engaging my carrier partners?


How am I engaging my customers and prospective customers?



During this webinar series we will explore unique challenges you, your team and customers may be facing as business leaders during this unprecedented time. We will also learn how to positively maximize your agency’s impact across the marketplace through inclusive leadership practices resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

When your community sees you and others rise up in these unprecedented times, the community itself rises up.

Webinar One


Dr. Leroy Nunery
Big “I" Executive Diversity Consultant and CEO of Plus Ultre


Alex Dopazo
Vice President, Dopazo and Associates 
Past Big “I" Diversity Council Chairman

Spencer Houldin
Co-President, Ericson Insurance 
Past National Big “I" Chairman

Bennie Jones
CEO, Risk Management Solutions 
Big “I" Diversity Council Chairman

Dr. Isaiah Pickens
CEO, iOpening Enterprises 
Clinical Psychologist
Jennifer Ingram
CEO, Calibrated Lens
Diversity Practitioner

Many of us have been impacted by the global pandemic, rather it be personally and/or professionally. This unprecedented time has left us in what is said to be a VUCA Environment – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. So how can you provide the best service to your customers right now?  Start first by taking care of yourself and your team.

While “self-care" may not be a popular topic of discussion at most dinner tables, much less during team meetings, it is extremely important when considering the overall success of our agencies. Companies that effectively implement holistic wellness programs experience a 26% decline in health-related costs and a 28% decrease in sick days yielding in an average savings-to-cost ratio of nearly $6 to $1, according to the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)

As independent agents, we are not just in the business of selling policies, but have made the commitment to be trusted advisors to our clients and the communities we serve. Let's stay true to that commitment by ensuring we take care of ourselves and our teams. 

Join us for this special opening presentation "Your Agency's Success Starts with You," at the LET's (Lead, Educate, Tech) Conference, Monday, October 21 at 11am EST. 




Check back soon for information on Webinar Two 

Crucial Conversations to Have with Your Carrier Partners 



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