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Managing the challenges of an ever-evolving landscape can be daunting in normal times, but as we continue to navigate a global pandemic, social injustices, and possible economic downturn, each of our individual ideologies can feel more like a foundation for survival. During these uncertain times it is critical that we embrace a culture of inclusion throughout our workplaces. This starts with exhibiting a sense of psychological safety in which you welcome others to respectfully bring their whole self to work. To create what is known as a psychological safe workplace, it is important to acknowledge each person’s unique perspectives, values and belief systems using brave and compassionate forms of connection. 

Join clinical psychologist, Dr. Isaiah Pickens for this special presentation Navigating the World as it is VS the World as it Could be.

During this session you will learn:

  • The connection between our individual ideologies and stress
  • The importance of creating psychological safety in the workplace and how to do so
  • Practical tools for promoting a compassionate workplace where diversity of thought is welcomed 

TUNE IN 2.png This webinar is approximately 25 minutes with a Q&A session immediately following.  

Why Does This Matter?

The business case for diversity rests on the principle of fostering an inclusive environment that encourages diversity of thought. This in turn yields increased collaboration, innovation and productivity that positions your agency for an even more competitive advantage and profitability. Our agencies cannot reap the full benefits of having a diverse workforce without championing inclusion. While race, ethnicity and gender tend to be the focal point in considering diversity and inclusion (D&I), we must also factor in the differing facets of individuals that may not always be visible including, but not limited to, belief systems, values and perspectives. As we remain more mindful of others individual ideologies that can positively or negatively impact the profitability of our agencies, let’s choose to do so in a compassionate way that champions a culture of inclusion!


Untitled design (3).jpgMeet Dr. Isaiah Pickens - Connect Here
Clinical Psychologist
Founder & CEO, iOpening Enterprises

Dr. Isaiah Pickens is the founder and CEO of iOpening Enterprises, a professional development and media company that specializes in building the capacity of individuals and organizations to unlock their potential using psychological science, the implementation of best practices, and inspirational media. In this capacity, Dr. Pickens has developed, a multi-day professional development series for leaders that provides a practical toolkit for managing traumatic stress responses. 

Dr. Pickens works collaboratively with cross-sector scholars and practitioners to promote a culture of health in America. Dr. Pickens has been awarded by the American Psychological Association and Black Enterprise for his contributions to the field of psychology. As a former clinical assistant professor at NYU School of Medicine and Assistant Director at the UCLA-Duke National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, Dr. Pickens has built a reputation as a national trauma expert and shares practical science-informed lessons about mental wellness with audiences around the world. 

Dr. Pickens aims to continue working toward systemic change and unlocking people’s potential by moving the world towards both happy and healthy through psychological science.

Special thanks to the Big "I" Diversity Council – Allstate, Amerisure, AmTrust North America, Applied Systems, Chubb, Church Mutual, CNA, Encompass, Grange, Hanover, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual Insurance, MetLife, National General, Nationwide, Progressive, Safeco, Selective, Travelers, Vertafore, and Westfield Insurance!

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