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January 14 -15, 2020    l     New Orleans Marriott     l     555 Canal Street

Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion, Presented by Stephanie Piimauna

Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion, Presented by Stephanie Piimauna

Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the World's Best Employers, MGM Resorts International began their focused approach on diversity and inclusion initiatives in 2000. As stated on their website, “to achieve our Company vision and mission to be the recognized global leader in hospitality and entertainment, we embrace diversity and innovation to inspire excellence. Diversity and inclusion anchor our culture of mutual respect among our diverse collection of extraordinary people, our greatest strength.” During this session Stephanie Piimuana, MGM Resorts Internationals Executive Director, will provide key insights on diversity and inclusion while sharing stories on MGMs own journey resulting in increased employee retention and profitability.

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The Next America: The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion, Presented by Paul Taylor

The Next America: The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion, Presented by Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor, Former Executive Vice President for Pew Research and Author of Bestseller Next America: Boomers, Millennials will discuss how consumer-facing brands have become social justice warriors in the past few years. Attendees will be shown a series of recent ad campaigns from fortune 500 companies that will challenge your thinking and expand your horizons. We will also breakdown and analyze current demographic data and attitudinal surveys to see how the country is changing and why and how we as agents and brands should want to identify our own brands with the current & upcoming changes.

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INCLUSIVITY: Your Key to Taking Your Agency to the Next Level, Presented by Amber Cabral

INCLUSIVITY: Your Key to Taking Your Agency to the Next Level, Presented by Amber Cabral

We've discussed the "what", and the "so what", but now what? Fortune 500 diversity strategist, Amber Cabral, will lead us on tactics, tools, and strategies that will help in moving your agency forward, no matter where you are on the journey of inclusion and diversity. Inclusion and diversity starts with YOU! Get ready to shift your mindset and raise your own awareness to some of your unconscious biases so we can together implement some easy solutions to better navigate the world of inclusivity!

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<strong>BONUS:</strong> Supplier Diversity Fireside Chat

BONUS: Supplier Diversity Fireside Chat

Get ready to hear from small business owners that also serve in key leadership positions within the African American Womens Chamber of Commerce, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Learn how supplier diversity impacts their day to day decision making as business owners and as customers. *Moderated by RIMS Immediate Past President, Robert Cartwright.

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Are You Plugged In? Engaging Multicultural Networks  

Networking, the power tool we use daily. As the saying goes it'' not what you know, but who you know. During this session, you will get to know a few key multicultural industry groups and the value they can bring to your agency. Featured in this session are leaders from the Chinese American Insurance Association, the National African American Insurance Association and the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies. 

Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

McKinsey Global Institute reports both ethnically and gender diverse companies are more likely to outperform their competitors.  Identifying as a diverse and inclusive workplace is becoming a more desirable goal for business leaders across the country; however, getting started presents its own challenges. During this session we will explore what it takes to both build and sustain diverse teams within your agency with consideration of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and more.


Carrier Insights: Exploring Industry Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

The Big I Diversity Council came into inception in 2003 and has continued to blossom largely due to the support of industry carriers. During this session, we will walk through a few leading carriers' journey across diversity and inclusion and learn what got them started along with how it has impacted their organizations today. We will also learn about current initiatives each carrier is working on in the diversity and inclusion space. 


Employment Practices Liability: Things that Make You Go Hmmm 

Regardless of how likable you or your agency is, the risk of being sued by an employee is very real. Did you know your agency is 3x more likely to be sued than to experience a fire? While retaliation is the top reason most employees sue, race, sex, disability and age follow closely behind. During this session, we will explore the most common EPLI claims and simple steps you can take to protect you, your agency and your clients.  


Insuretech 101: The Latest in Insurance Technology 

As carriers look for best-match agencies, one thing is for certain insuretech will continue to play an increasingly important role within our distribution channel, but what is it exactly? This session will breakdown the fundamentals of insuretechs and what aspects of these emerging insurance technologies will provide the most opportunities for independent agents. 

Leveraging the 5 Generations in the Workplace  

For the first time in modern history there are five distinct generations working side by side and as a result, generational differences have never been wider. In order for a company and its people to be poised for long-term success and sustainable growth, there must be a healthy workplace culture and leadership that recognizes a multi-generational workforce as its greatest asset. In this session you will learn tips and strategies to bridge the generational divide within your workplace, resulting in increased productivity and employee retention. 

Multicultural Marketing Made Simple  

It's been said that good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have. However, the ubiquitous use of demographics in marketing fails to accurately describe "real people." Of course, that's why savvy marketers focus on psychographics because they paint a more vivid picture of who are. However, the truth is, psychographics are only a byproduct of something far greater. In this session, we will explore a more accurate way to represent potential customers which also provides a strong predictor of what they are likely to do - no doubt a critical benefit for the marketing function.

Next in Line, Gen Z  

Now that we have a firmer grasp on the Millennial generation, it's time to shift our focus to Gen Z! Rather they are your next customer or next employee, get to know who they are and what they value. This panel of future insurance professionals will broaden your understanding of Gen Z, slated to be the fastest-growing generation in both the workplace and marketplace.


Succession Planning: Grooming Your Next Agency Leaders

Perpetuation planning is a necessary practice all agencies should have in place regardless of size or years in operation but how do you know you are adequately preparing. During this session you will learn key measures you should have in place whether looking to transition your agency soon or protect its viability in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. You will also have a chance to hear from a few agents on their journey in either buying or selling their agency. 


Tech Your Agency   

Technology continues to change at an ever-increasing speed. The latest and greatest tech tool of today will be replaced by something even greater tomorrow. In this session you will learn from a few agents in the "tech-know" what they have found to be the coolest agency tool to enhance productivity. 


The Buying Power of Multicultural Markets  

This session will illustrate the opportunity provided to agents by underserved multicultural markets. Learn about the changing marketplace and the first steps they can take to leverage this opportunity. We will take a deep into the following questions: What is the opportunity? Where do I start? How do I execute? Get ready to push your book of business forward in these explosive growth markets!


Women Who Lead Remarkably  

This session will unpack self and environmentally imposed obstacles women continue to face and provide the best how to advise from women throughout history and a few remarkable industry leaders featured in this session. Required to check your man card at the door?  No way!  While this session is designed for women, we encourage men to also attend as everyone can benefit from the leadership lessons and concepts that will be discussed.    


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