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A Big "I" Member Exclusive - Login Required

A Day in the Life of a Nerdy Professional

Speaker Beth Ziesenis
You’ll learn how a professional nerd solves a security crisis, learns to make more of a lunch hour with an extra set of virtual hands, saves money on software before the staff meeting, and brings the team together online before day is done.

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The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling

Speaker Kindra Hall
Every day businesses and individuals miss critical opportunities to connect with their elusive audiences in powerful and profitable ways because they lack a storytelling skill. Leave empowered and equipped to close more sales, build better relationships, or blow up their brands by leveraging the irresistible power of their stories.

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Mind The Gap

Speaker Brandon Smith
During this session, Brandon will help bridge the gap and bring balance between maintaining healthy relationships and leveraging technology. He will be sharing how he and his team build deeper, more meaningful relationships and convert over 5,000 digital leads per year.

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Shrinking the Distance

Speaker Brian Fanzo
In this program, Brian teaches how to leverage new technology and collaboration tools in order to achieve better business results. He will give examples on how to implement ideas such as reverse mentorship and mindset.

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Let's TECH

Presented by ACT: The Agent’s Council for Technology

Carriers: Tech Lessons LearnedJoin this session with reps from national, regional, and super-regional carriers as they share how they have pivoted to provide critical services to their partners and customers.
Agency Matters: Keeping the 'Work' in Work From HomeThis session gives all industry leaders and teams crucial insights on the visibility of work.
Agency Matters: Future-Proof Security PlansIn this session, we go deep on the emerging concerns around cybersecurity in a hybrid work world
Data: From Fear to PowerIn this discussion, you'll gain insights on the wide array of data resources our stakeholders need to provide true ease of sales and service.
Future Panel: Where to Next?Wondering what our industry and personal lives are going to look like as we move forward? Join a panel of industry leaders as they discuss the business and interpersonal changes we will all experience as we move our industry forward.
Tech Vendor Perspectives: Leveraging Emerging TrendsIn the session, industry leaders from tech providers share deep details on how agents can leverage existing and emerging technology tools.

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Explore More From ACT

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Let's LEAD

Your Agency Success Starts with YOU!During this special presentation, Dr. Leroy Nunery, with the help of a few leading Big 'I' agents and 2 subject matter experts, will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our overall wellness.
Your Agency Success Starts with YOU! Q&AA Q&A session with clinical psychologist, Dr. Isaiah Pickens and diversity practitioner, Jennifer Ingram – so get your questions ready!
Passing the Torch: Perpetuation Perspectives and Preparedness Newer agency owners and industry experts share stories of growth, successes and challenges, and how they made the most of the profitable, life-changing transition that is agency ownership.
YAC Chat: Future Focus Young agents will share how they've continued to grow and evolved in the last year.They'll share ah-ha moments, what keeps them up and night and strategies for helping one another continue to thrive. Where do they see the industry going? Hint: the future looks bright!


Excellence in Insurance Education Awards CelebrationLet's take a moment to celebrate education and the staff behind the actions that keep independent agents at their best.
YAC Chat: Lessons LearnedHear award-winning strategies from these state young agent committees that are mastering member engagement, events, community service, political involvement, and more.

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