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Trusted Choices to Hig Airwaves in June


Third of Six National TV Ad Flights for 2004


ALEXANDRIA, VA, May 20—The Trusted ChoiceSM consumer marketing brand for independent agents and brokers will get more national exposure with a two-week advertising flight in June, announces Trusted ChoiceSM Board Chairman Ronald A. Smith, CPCU, president of Smith Sawyer Smith Insurance in Rochester, Ind., today.


The advertising will increase consumer awareness of Trusted ChoiceSM agencies and brokerage firms and help consumers throughout the country become more familiar with the benefits of using a Trusted ChoiceSM agency, notes Smith.


The third of six flights of Trusted ChoiceSM ads in 2004 will air nationwide from June 14 through 27 on popular news and entertainment programming on several cable networks. Other 2004 Trusted ChoiceSM ad flights are slated for August, October and December. The first two flights this year aired in March and April.


Trusted ChoiceSM—the consumer marketing brand for independent agents and brokers—was launched in 2001 by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) and its company partners in response to extensive consumer research about the position of independent agents and brokers in the marketplace.


“As we advertise Trusted ChoiceSM in homes across America this year, we continue to raise awareness of Trusted ChoiceSM agencies and firms among millions of individual consumers and business owners. As a result, many of these people will look to a Trusted ChoiceSM agency or firm for their insurance and financial services needs,” says Smith.


“We believe that this third of six scheduled ad flights this year will build on our previous successful advertising activities and help keep Trusted ChoiceSM in front of consumers on a consistent basis throughout 2004,” Smith continues.


The newly produced television commercials will tout the benefits of using a Trusted ChoiceSM agent or broker and will drive consumers to, where they can use the Trusted ChoiceSM Agency Locator to find a Trusted ChoiceSM agency in their local area. Themed “Ways to Choose,” the ad prompts viewers to think about how they selected their insurance agent, educates them about the benefits of using a Trusted ChoiceSM agency or firm and sends them to the Web site. To view the 30-second spot, go to and click the link at the bottom of the homepage.


The June Trusted ChoiceSM spots will be seen on Fox News Channel, Turner Network Television (TNT), ESPN, ESPN2 and Home and Garden Television. Some of the high-profile shows that will feature Trusted ChoiceSM advertising are Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor”, as well as ESPN’s coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament and the All-England Tennis Club tournament at Wimbledon. The ad flight will consist of nearly 100 spots over the two-week period.

To join Trusted ChoiceSM, go to and click on “Agents/Brokers” on the homepage.


Complementing the involvement of Trusted ChoiceSM agents and brokers in this branding initiative are 24 company and strategic partners.


Seven national insurers are Trusted ChoiceSM company partners: Encompass Insurance, Markel Insurance Company, MetLife Auto & Home, Ohio Casualty Insurance, Progressive, Rain and Hail Insurance Service, and Safeco Insurance. A total of 16 regional companies are Trusted ChoiceSM company partners: America First Insurance, Capital Insurance Group, Central Insurance Companies, Colorado Casualty, Consumers Insurance, GoAmerica Auto Insurance, Golden Eagle Insurance, Hawkeye-Security Insurance, Indiana Insurance, Main Street America Group, Maine Mutual Group, Montgomery Insurance, National Security Fire & Casualty, Peerless Insurance, Selective Insurance Group and Summit Insurance (R.I.). InsurBanc, a federal thrift bank created by IIABA, is a Trusted ChoiceSM strategic partner.


Trusted ChoiceSM is the consumer marketing identity for nearly 3,700 participating independent insurance agencies and brokerages and their branch locations. These firms offer a choice of insurance companies and policies, customization of policy coverage and advocacy. IIABA is the nation’s oldest, most respected agent and broker association.




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