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Insure Response

Insure Response Logo.jpg24/7, After Hours, or Whenever You Need Us

Need licensed agents in the USA to answer new and existing client phone calls 24/7, after hours or when you're busy? Insure Response can answer the calls you've been missing like an in-house CSR!



Why Do I Need A Call Answering Service When I Have Voicemail?

Good Question. Here's why. In a recent market study, we found that 86% of calls that came into and went to voicemail ended in a hang-up. To compound that staggering statistic, in a recent after hours (7pm-9pm) outbound call campaign to over 400 indepedent agencies, 94% of those calls went to voicemail or were not answered at all. 

94% of after hours calls went to voicemail or were not answered at all
86% of calls that go to voicemail are hang-ups

Bottom Line: Customers expect a human to answer. If they get voicemail, they hang up and your agency misses out on a new sale or actively servicing an existing client.

Agencies Need a Human Answering EVERY Phone Call



About Insure Response

In business since 1999, the Insure Response management staff has many successful years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing customer care services programs that incorporate the phone, mail, and Internet into customized solutions designed to serve and grow our clients' customer base.  This offering through our subsidiary Insure Response, LLC allows Independent Agents to benefit from complete end-to-end solutions to ensure professional interactions with clients on a 24/7 basis, including weekends and holidays.  Insure Response is committed to continually measuring and refining the help desk program to ensure that agencies and IIAA Membership Services, Inc. (MSI) realizes the greatest level of success and return on investment.

Insure Response offers Independent Agents 24/7 or after-hours-only call answering services featuring:

  • Two fully redundant locations in the USA:  Missouri and South Carolina
  • CSRs with insurance training including some licensed P&C agents
  • Licensed management and supervisory staff
  • Customized agency profile including a pop-up screen at call center with the agency's profile information, location address, names of staff, office hours etc.
  • Branded greetings: we answer as the agency for more transparency
  • All calls recorded and available to agency upon request
  • Detailed reports available in real time via email and online reporting site to both MSI and the individual agency
  • E-mail support
  • Bilingual staff

Scope of Services

  • Take and process payments:
    • Agent provides access to company logins and Insure Response logs in to company site, posts payment, and sends agent written confirmation

  • Provide callers with information including but not limited to:
    • Referral to claims reporting number
    • Towing and rental car reimbursement explanations
    • Lines of insurance that agent can provide
    • Office locations, directions, and hours of operation
    • Automated or live reminder call campaigns included (per minute or per attempt charges apply)

  • Provide agency with:
    • Immediate escalations based on agency's instructions as needed
    • Detailed call notes including reason for call and caller's contact information including best time for a call-back, etc. 
    • Call reports showing number of calls offered and answered, the time which calls were offered/answered, the speed of answer, length of calls, hold times, etc.
    • Call recordings available on request

Quality Assurance

  • Each agent is routinely monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure all program goals and standards are being met. This includes formally conducted monitoring sessions which are documented and reviewed with the CSR in a timely manner to ensure that feedback is relevant; and to effect prompt and positive reinforcement or correction and improvement as necessary. Insure Response's QA process results in immediate augmentation of the client's service expectations.
  • Automated satisfaction surveys can be offered at beginning of call for callers to opt-in to.  Callers who opt-in will have the opportunity to answer 3-4 customer service related questions and results will be shared with MSI. 

Service Level Performance Standards

  • 85% of calls answered in less than 1 minute on a monthly basis
  • 0 calls blocked

Contact with registration questions or contact Mike Hunter at for more details on this exclusive IIABA member service. 

​127 South Peyton Street
Alexandria VA 22314
​phone: 800.221.7917
fax: 703.683.7556

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