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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, July 21

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Coalition Security Awareness Training Trains Employees to Be First Line of Defense
Your commercial clients are only one click away from a cyber claim! According to the 2019 Net Diligence Cyber Claims Study, human error continues to be a leading cause of cyber claims.

Through Coalition's Security Awareness Training tool, provided in partnership with Curricula, your clients can gain full access to engaging story-based content, as well as employee phishing simulations. Learn More


Personal Virtual Tours of BIM Now Available
Do you or a staff member want to learn more about the ins and outs Big “I" Markets? If seeing is believing, then seeing up close and in action is even better.

We're pleased to offer Big “I” Markets agents the red carpet treatment and invite you to learn more about Big “I" Markets with a personal online overview of what Big “I" Markets and Big “I" Eagle Agency have to offer. Learn More
Let Goldleaf Surety Be Your ‘Phone a Friend’ Lifeline
The original Who Wants to be a Millionaire hosted by Regis Philbin allowed a contestant to have three lifelines to use while answering 15 questions on their way to winning $1,000,000.  One of those original lifelines was “Phone a Friend.”  The “Phone a Friend” lifeline allowed the contestant to call someone they felt had more knowledge about a particular subject and would likely be able to help answer the question correctly.  When it comes to surety bonds, Goldleaf Surety wants to be your “Phone a Friend” lifeline.  Learn More
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