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Tuesday, February 16

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Coalition’s Incident Response Time Reduces Claims and Costs
The amount of time to respond to a cyber threat can be the difference between a non-event or a compromise of your client’s entire network. Experts suggest IT and security professionals follow the “1-10-60” rule to successfully mitigate breaches before damage is caused to their network and organization – 1 minute to detect an incident, 10 minutes to investigate the legitimacy of the incident and determine next steps, and 60 minutes to remediate. Learn More


Big ‘I’ Employee Benefits: Disability Insurance Solutions
Your most important asset is not your car, house, boat or other possessions. It is your ability to earn an income.
An accident or illness that results in a long-term or permanent disability can prevent you from earning an income. While most people think it won't happen to them, statistics show that this isn't true. It is far more likely that your clients will suffer from a disability than be in an auto accident or have a house fire, according to the Commissioners Disability Table
Learn More
Non-standard Homeowners Solutions Offered
​Do you have clients that don't fit into your usual markets? Big “I" Markets has non-admitted solutions to meet your personal lines clients' needs! Learn More
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