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Tuesday, June 29

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Commercial Auto: What About Temporary Substitutes?
As a Big “I" Markets agent you have access to monoline commercial auto markets through Travelers and Progressive. A common question agents receive around this coverage is answered in detail in a Big “I" Virtual University article.

The question reads, "My customer has a Business Auto Policy (BAP) with Symbol 1 for liability and Symbol 7 for physical damage. One of their autos will be in the shop for two weeks for repairs and I want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage. Since they will rent a vehicle during this time, it will be a temporary substitute auto and the BAP responds for liability and physical damage claims, right?" Learn More


Why Should Your Clients Choose Travelers for Your Workers Compensation?
With Travelers, workers compensation coverage can become a strategic advantage with flexible solutions, responsive service, and cutting-edge innovation empower customers to keep their employees safe and businesses healthy.

Travelers offers a one-minute video you can share with clients or on social media that highlights how having Workers Compensation coverage with Travelers could benefit their business. Learn More
Get Those Sparklers Insured! Preparing Your Clients for Independence Day and The Summer Wedding Season
Between 2019 and 2021, Independence Day moved from 10th to 5th place on the list of most popular days to get engaged. Why is that? Gatherings and celebrations these days are safest when they are outdoors, so many are choosing to propose during warm-weather holidays when they already plan to gather for outdoor festivities with loved ones.  

Additionally, because of the millions of weddings canceled or postponed in 2020, it is likely that your clients will be attending more outdoor weddings as we round the corner towards the 4th of July and the height of the summer season. Learn More
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