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Tuesday, July 6

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Airbnb? VRBO? LexShare Offers Home Rental Coverage Endorsement!
Airbnb now offers renters "experiences" to attract those looking for an interactive vacation. Guests can pay a local host for certain hands on or immersive activities such as pottery workshops, cooking classes, horseback yoga, or surfing on a hidden beach. Millennials are more likely to choose short-term rentals over a hotel room while members of Generation Z (who are under 25) are more likely to spend their vacation time in a city.

While home (and room) sharing can be lucrative for homeowners, it exacerbates the typical homeowners risks. Learn More


Upcoming Agent Webinars
Many exciting free webinar opportunities are available in July to Big "I" Markets agents, including multiple sessions offered as part of Coalition’s Security Week, starting Monday, July 12. Learn More
Discover Your Cyber Insurance Sales Resources
Big "I" Markets, the online market access system available exclusively to Big “I" members, has partnered with Coalition, the leading technology-enabled cyber insurance solution, to give agents access to cyber and technology errors & omissions insurance markets. This partnership includes providing Big “I" Markets registered agents access to multitude of sales, cybersecurity and educational resources. Learn More
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