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Tuesday, April 5

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Prepare Your Clients for Summer Wedding Season
With wedding season heating up and proposals on the horizon, many of your clients are using jewelry to express love to the important people in their lives.

Whether it's an engagement ring or piece of wedding day jewelry, your clients deserve to give and receive these sparklers worry-free. That means insuring with Jewelers Mutual® Group. Learn More


Coalition Control Technology Available for Free
Did you know you can quickly access a free tool to improve your agency's cyber security posture? Powered by the same data and technology that Coalition uses to model and underwrite their industry-leading portfolio, Coalition Control is available for free to any organization with an internet domain. This free service includes cyber risk assessments, risk summary and ranking, and automated scanning and monitoring. Learn More
Protecting Your Healthcare Clients in the Age of Disruption
Your Healthcare clients are facing an ever-changing landscape of increased regulation, patient data and privacy concerns, and evolving medical technologies. To help you compete and win more business in this high-growth market, Big "I" Markets partner Travelers has compiled a simple but impressive suite of tools - including detailed appetite guidance, plain-English coverage descriptions, and marketing materials you can share with clients. Learn More
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