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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, August 16

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Big “I" Markets Adds Berkley Aspire to Expand Commercial E&S Offering
We are pleased to announce the addition of Berkley Aspire, a W.R. Berkley, AM Best Rated A+XV Superior Company, to the Big "I" Markets line-up of carriers. Berkley Aspire is an E&S carrier offering Package, General Liability, Property and Excess Liability of up to $5M. Coverage is available in all states except Delaware. Learn More


Changes to Big “I" Markets Commission Payments Take Effect September 1
Over the past several years we've encouraged all Big “I" Markets agents to enroll to receive commissions via electronic funds transfer (EFT) as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan. Great progress has been made and we're grateful so many agents have supported the initiative.

EFT enrollment is now required for all BIM agents to ensure we can fulfill our obligation to remit earned commission to you. Learn More
Communicate with Coalition: Chat & Email
Through Big "I" Markets, registered agents access Coalition's cyber liability platform to quote and bind coverage, as well as work directly with the underwriters.

To discuss risks further, modify quotes, ask application and coverage questions, and maintain issued policies, a chat feature is provided on the platform to contact Coalition directly. Within five minutes, Coalition responds to the chat. Keeping the chat open is not necessary, as these responses are emailed directly to the agent for reply and documentation. Learn More
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