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Mar 10
Landing the Big Fish

Did you happen to read about the Minnesota man who caught a massive muskie last week? At 54 pounds it is far shy of the official record holder of 67 pounds, but is still a huge catch. Now that he's landed a whopper, do you think he'll stop fishing? Well, would you stop selling insurance just because you landed a whopper account?

As inspiration for you to keep “fishing" here, are the top five policy premiums landed on Big “I" Markets since the beginning of the year: 

Commercial Auto – Monoline$89,129
Cyber Insurance – Coalition$24,500
Small Commercial$22,693
Bonds - Bid, Contractor, Performance, Surety$19,935
Auto & Home Standard Markets$16,937


For those who may be wondering, the Minnesota angler released his muskie. But we hope the all-star BIM agents listed above won't let those clients go…or stop fishing.

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